Z is for Zoisite: Pagan Blog Project 2013

Z is for ZoisiteYears of working with stones has taught me that the commonly accepted metaphysical uses of a stone aren’t the whole story.

If you google “metaphysical uses of zoisite” you’ll find a variety of answers, from enhancing psychic abilities to preventing mood swings. Any of those uses can be the correct one, depending on the circumstances.

When you’re looking at the ways a plant or stone affects a persons spirit, there is no one correct answer. If you think about it, it’s not that surprising–consider how fragrance, color, flavor affects each person differently. The effects of a fragrance goes beyond informing us about the physical qualities of the scent; each smell can trigger memories and emotions that have nothing to do with the present moment. I think the way stones and plants work in metaphysical healing and spellwork is like scent–it evokes different spiritual and energetic responses in each of us.

For me, zoisite is a soft, soothing, comforting stone. Zoisite with ruby inclusions radiates that soothing energy right to the heart. In times of heartbreak, I often find myself reaching for a smooth piece of ruby in zoisite and fidgeting with it until I feel calmed and comforted.

I’ve never found a reason to use it in magic, but I imagine it would be a wonderful addition to healing spells and elixirs. And it’s so beautiful, I tend to keep it on my altar so I can see it whenever I wish.

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