Coveting My Neighors Plants: Pink Dawn Viburnum

Meet my latest obsession: Pink Dawn Viburnum (Viburnum x bodnantense), also known as Bodnant Viburnum.

Pink Mystery 3

I met this airy, delicate shrub on New Years Eve, growing between two hulking sequoias at the park near my house. I saw the little pink clusters of flowers from across the park and immediately hurried across the muddy grass to get a closer look.

Pink Mystery 4

They are not only a beautiful shade of pink, they also have a light, sweet fragrance. Blossoms! In late December! Smell pretty! I took so many pictures.

Pink Mystery 5

I love that the buds are a rich magenta, and then the blossom opens and it’s the palest of pinks.

Pink Mystery 1

Someday when I have a yard that I can plant shrubs in, this is going to be the first one I find a home for.

Pink Mystery 2


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