Betcha thought I fell off the homesteading wagon huh?

This blog being on the homesteading webring, I wonder if’n y’all are wonderin’–where in tarnation is the homesteading?

Well rest assured, there is gardening and general homesteadery in abundance. It just isn’t going all that well this year, between uncooperative weather (hi! Mother nature? I really really love you and I’m SO grateful that you give us everything we need to live, but do you think, maybe, someday, we could have enough warm weather to make the vegetables, maybe, grow? A little? Maybe one or two cucumbers and a handfull of tomatoes? A little sunshine? Please? Thanks, and you’re the best!), and the fact that our nicely irrigated yard has become a gopher interstate (in spite of my three worthless cats) (soaker hoses make the ground nice and soft for gopher digging! Hey that plant is in my way, I’ll just dig it up and throw it over there.)

However! Remember Audrey Three? She had some trouble with a gang of vicious roly poly bugs (sowbugs? maybe?) but has recovered and is growing fast. Only, what’s this business with the white splotchiness? Some kind of mildew? I see no bugs, and she’s growing, putting on blossoms, so I’m monitoring but not planning to do much. Anybody out there know if this is something to worry about? And what about those little holes in the leaves? When it comes to growing vegetables I am a complete know-nothing. Someday that will change I’m sure . . .

At least the gopher is leaving her alone so far. You know, kitties, I’m going to revoke feeding and make you all STAY OUTSIDE if that gopher doesn’t show up dead on my porch soon.

In all fairness, our geriatric kitty (who is a badass) has killed TWO gophers already this summer. I believe she’ll come through as soon as she can. Is this not the very picture of dependabiltiy?

P.S. I apologize for the huge pictures. I can’t seem to make them small enough. Someone should take the technology away from the preschooler.


3 thoughts on “Betcha thought I fell off the homesteading wagon huh?

  1. You certainly have beautiful cats! Sounds like mine – only one catches mice and I haven’t seen that for a long time.

    Don’t appologize for the large pictures – they are easier for old eyes to see (and I’m getting old eyes).


  2. We were concerned about Harley because he wasn’t hunting at all. Then, because he heard us talking about him, he came up meowing with a mouse in his mouth. And has brought one home everyday for a week. I watched him with his mouse and after he brings it home, he eats it. I am really glad for this,

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