Wood Elves

Well, I finished a knitted pouch for my Faeries Oracle deck with some lovely yarn that I purchased from Farm Witch. A highly satisfactory experience, I might add, if you like pretty yarn you should check out her etsy shop (there’s a link from her blog).

The yarn, after I rolled it in to a ball:

And the completed pouch, with my oracle deck inside:

I may have mentioned before that I am . . . well, not the world’s best photographer. Plus it’s a grey morning in these parts (and I’m NOT complaining about that!), so the light doesn’t capture the lovely sparkle of the beads or the richness of the hues in the yarn. But I lurv it.

And now, because I can, I give you: corn. Corn that is more than 12 inches high, corn that looks nice, corn with beans and pumpkins growing around it. Well okay there’s no actual corn on the plants as yet but I feel optimistic.

Summer has at last moved in to full swing, and it seems the vegetables are trying to make up for lost time. Now if only more ladybugs would move in to the neighborhood and do something about all the aphids . . .

Y’all have a good day now, y’hear?


5 thoughts on “Wood Elves

  1. Wow! That looks awesome….the tarot bag, I mean. Though, the corn is pretty spectacular as well. Our corn is doing very well this year and I’m so glad because I stuck to my desire to grow heirloom corn instead of a hybrid .

  2. Love the tarot bag .. what an awesome yarn! I could do that – not with the awesome yarn, but with some of my own… My cards are just sitting in a drawer and need more attention.


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