Vote! And other stuff.

Well! I’m approaching my last day of employment until I find the part time job. My last day at the office was two weeks ago, but I’ve done two weeks from home, part time. Tomorrow that ends, and I have no idea what’s next! Except, of course, lots of knitting, making smudge sticks, and doing reiki.

I already feel so much lighter, calmer, and happier than I did when I was working, even though I’m not sure what is coming, or where I’ll find a part time job. This is unusual for me; usually I panic when I don’t have everything worked out. But this time . . . this time I feel like I’m doing exactly  the right thing, and I trust the universe that it will all work out for the best. I have to say the most exciting thing about right now is that I get to see how I’ve progressed in the past few years. I’m not in a panic. In fact, I feel great. How very unusual, and how very enjoyable.

Of course, I haven’t really had much time for fretting, even were I so inclined. There was tree trimming to be done:

Gifts to purchase and wrap, holiday cookies to bake, and most importantly, a dryad to be knitted. You can see more (and larger) pictures of her on my Flickr page. She’s an entry in the Etsy EarthPath Artisans Street Team Winter Wonderland Design challenge. If you have an Etsy account (they’re free!) and you feel like voting for me, all you have to do is add her to your favorites. The item with the most hearts wins. Those who vote for the four winning entries will have their names put in a pool, and four voters will receive prize packs full of EAST goodies, including some copper and glass bead hanging goddesses donated by yours truly.


You can see all the entries for the contest here. Just click on the little pictures and they’ll take you to the individual member shops.

Well . . . I  am still officially employed and so therefore still have work to do. I’m hoping to be a better blogger when I am gainfully unemployed.  If I don’t manage to blog before then, y’all have a joyous holiday!!!


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