Poultry Reiki

Today I stood outside the chicken tractor watching the ladies devour the weeds I’d brought them, and gave the birds reiki. It’s kind of weird, giving reiki to animals, especially birds. Much less specific and intense than human reiki–and I just sort of aim it at the lot of them, rather than trying to work on individuals. They make approving sounds, so I assume it’s well received. I had to giggle though, at the very idea of standing in the field giving reiki to a bunch of chickens.

Wonder if it will make the eggs taste better? If that’s even possible. The eggs are so delicious already. Our chickens don’t just get feed–in the tractor, that moves every couple of days, they are able to eat grass and weeds and bugs and worms. AND, we bring them treats–salad greens that are slightly wilty (but NOT rotten or moldy), and the spent herb from our infusions, which they devour with greed. In return they give us the most amazing eggs–huge yokes, nearly orange, and such firm texture. When you break the eggs in the pan they don’t run all over, they stay together, almost in a mound. And such rich flavor … mmmm. Store bought eggs are just pathetic in comparison.

Just one example of what happens when you allow a chicken to act like a chicken, rather than a cog in a machine. We can’t let our chickens be completely free range–too many dogs, skunks, racoons, and predatory birds, not to mention coyotes roaming at night–but the chicken tractor provides shelter for the chickens, while allowing them free access to the ground, and fresh new ground every couple of days. So the chickens get to scratch and dig, they get to eat more diverse foods, and we all benefit. A chicken who lives like a chicken will give you an egg that is like an egg, alive and rich and healthy. A chicken that lives like a cog in a machine will give you an egg that is very much like most other “food” made in a factory, lifeless, a poor counterfeit of the real thing.

It only takes a few minutes out of my day to give the chickens reiki, and I feel like it’s one small way to give back some of the life the chickens give to me, the life that the universe gives to me. If I can in any way increase the life and beauty around me, then I’m going to. Even if I look a bit strange to the cars driving by.

Besides, it’s a good thing to laugh at myself, right? You don’t have to answer that …


4 thoughts on “Poultry Reiki

  1. Could you, please, post a picture of your chicken tractor? And the dimensions? I’m looking for some blueprints because this year I have the ability to get hens and I don’t know where to start on the whole tractor thing.

  2. Reiki?? Is that what you call it? I just call it watching my hens and enjoying them! Hmmm – am I sending reiki to them without even knowing how to do it? Although it’s still mighty cold to be standing or sitting watching them. They get very little mental attention during the winter! Maybe that’s why they look so cold and scranny!


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