Today’s Flower Sightings, and a Mystery Weed

Today it seems like winter may be sneaking back, as she always does after our February false spring. We’re back chilly, rainy weather. It’s all right though–I’m so thankful it isn’t snow, and the rain is important for the ground.

And I can take comfort in all the action in the flower watching department. The Camellia blossoms are so sweet and lovely.


If you look closely, you can almost see the lady bug hanging out in the midst of this Camellia’s sepals.

Also, the rosemary buds are just beginning to open. This is a bit blurry but the blossoms are so tiny, it was the best I could do (I am a mediocre photographer).


Rosemary is one of my favorite plants, I feel so blessed to live in a place where she grows outside so easily.

And finally, there’s this mystery weed in my bed. It sprang up last spring after we brought home some manure from a horse stable. I don’t mind weeds much, and this one tastes rather nice. Very salad like. It’s a wee bit fuzzy, grows in dense clumps very low to the ground, and as far as I know doesn’t really blossom (at least I don’t think it bloomed last year, but it could be a biennial, so I’ll keep an eye on it). Anyone have any idea what it is?


Someone suggested ground ivy, but from what I read, ground ivy is in the mint family and smells of mint when you crush it. This weed has no fragrance other than a sort of bland, green smell. Pleasant but unremarkable.

I’m using the cold wet day to work on a knitted goddess, and so far I’m loving the multicolored yarn I’m using. I’m almost to the point where I have to decide what to stuff her with, and I’m thinking she will be flowery. Rose petals, chamomile flowers, lavender blossoms. Something sweet and spring like.

And this evening, the hubster and I will be enjoying a date night staying in–he’s bringing home pizza (health food indeed; maybe I’ll pick a lot of bitter cress, dandelion leaves and violet leaves, and make a salad to compensate for all the grease!) and we’re going to watch some episodes of Pinky and the Brain on DVD. We are such party animals.

Y’all have a beautiful day!


7 thoughts on “Today’s Flower Sightings, and a Mystery Weed

  1. I just stumbled on your blog and was delighted! I’d never seen rosemary blossoms before (ohio), but I’d know ground ivy (aka creeping charlie, aka hedera) anywhere. It is in the mint family, but does not smell minty. It has a pungent green spicy aroma. Makes wonderful tea, mentioned in some old herbals as useful for rheumatism/spring tonic tea.
    love the chicken tractor. I’m hoping to build one soon!

  2. Don’t the leaves look somewhat Geranium-ish? Of course I am probably the last person to take plant identifying advice from…

    But ask me about breastfeeding…. *laugh*

  3. oh… I was actually thinking it WAS ground ivy. (yes- agreeing w/ marie- feel for the square stems) If it blooms it will have a tiny hiding purplish minty looking flower.

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