Hey Baby! and Intuitive Fusion Cuisine

What a weekend! Saturday I attended the birth of one of my dear friend’s second baby. It was a very typical hospital birth, lots of drugs and monitors and intervention, but I won’t get going on that today. Her baby was healthy and absolutely unbelievably beautiful. And actually witnessing the emergence of a new baby . . . whoa. I cried, and I got to hold little Sammy within minutes of her birth, and the amazing energy of that new little person was incredible. I gave her reiki–for about 30 seconds, because she was so new and so perfect it’s not like she NEEDED it. What it felt like, to me, was more of a heart interaction. Like because she didn’t need to be healed in any way, instead I just gave her more love–not only personal love, but also universal love.

Being in the hospital all day completely zapped my energy levels though. I’m sure not eating well that day (all my own fault, that one!) didn’t help. I woke up Sunday morning feeling completely exhausted and headachey and fried. Whole grain toast, oatmeal, and a dose of mineral rich root vinegar with molasses helped a lot–the shaky, fluttery feeling eased off and my head stopped feeling hungover. Just as I was finishing my breakfast, my good friend M. called squealing with delight. She had found a tiny glade in the woods that was crowded with yellow violets and completely beautiful stinging nettle plants. So after some time hanging out with the hubster and drinking my comfrey infusion, I got my basket, gloves and shears and headed out to her place.

I wish I’d taken a camera for a picture of the lovely little glade. The woods around M.’s mother’s home are very watchful: we asked permission before harvesting, and kept very mindful as we worked. Of course, nettle insists on mindfulness anyway, if you don’t want to get stung. The nettles in this glade, though, were much friendlier than most of the nettles I’ve encountered, and they had much more of that pretty purple tinge in the young leaves than the ones that grow by our neighbors creek. We’re going back in a week to offer more formal thanks to the plants–an offering of tobacco, and I think we will spend more time just sitting with the woods and give the ground and the plants reiki. I feel strongly that an exchange of energy is always required, in some form or another. We gave our thanks as soon as we finished, but as we left I felt distinctly that we should go back and give more. But when we go back I’ll be sure to take my camera!

But, here’s a pic of the violet leaves and flowers before they were sorted apart.

We brought our nettles and violets back to my house. We both put up jars of nettle vinegar to use in our hair rinses as well as to use in food, and prepared the rest for drying. M. started an infused oil with the violet blossoms, and is drying the leaves for infusions too.

Then! Then we made dinner. M. is an awesome cook, we were discussing the way she receives guidance intuitively, and I dubbed her cooking style “intuitive fusion cuisine”. Giggling over that, she made a squash, barley and nettle soup that was AWESOME. She cooked an onion in some olive oil, then added the barley and the liquid that the squash cubes were canned in, added a wee bit of cumin, some peppercorns, and a few sprigs of rosemary, and let it cook until the barley was just barely done. Then she added the squash cubes themselves, stirred it all in, and put in the nettles until they wilted, then salted the soup lightly to taste. We served it with dollops of sour cream and a sprinkling of fresh chives, and grilled cheese and weed sandwiches on the side. (I made the grilled cheese). Oh man it was SO GOOD, and was exactly what my body needed. I felt so much better by bed time. It really was a splendid day, and I slept more soundly last night than I’ve slept in ages. I think the blackberry cordial before bed probably helped . . .


One thought on “Hey Baby! and Intuitive Fusion Cuisine

  1. Dear Simplewitch,

    A wonderful read! We have just brought back from our island summer place on the south coast of Finland a B I G bunch of nettle roots. And we came up with a great way for getting them. It’s simple. Just dig down and around a bunch of nettles. Don’t try to separate out the roots. Just and put the lot under a high pressure water spray and blast a way the surrounding earth. It’s
    the simple. Now we have to go Googling to discover how to use them.

    Greetings from the north pole.


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