Fast Grow the Beasties

Everything is growing so fast right now! For example:funnychicks.jpg

It’s hard to believe they were tiny three weeks ago. Aren’t they funny looking little Skeksis? Today they were moved from their cozy little brooder to an intermediate shelter–bigger and not so warm. Soon it will be time for them to move in to their new chicken tractor, which the hubster is in the midst of building. When it’s all done I’ll post pictures, he’s trying to make this one a bit lighter than the last one.

This is the time of year when it seems like the property is transformed every few days. This morning I went out early to feed all the chickens, and it was still wet and cold but everything was so green and fresh. I found wee mugwort leaves poking up from the ground, and there are fat yellow dandelions everywhere. And look!


We’ll have tulips soon. I love the way the moisture gleams all silvery on tulip leaves. I LOVE tulips, I think they might be my favorite spring flower. I can’t promise though. I mean, you can’t forget the sweet little violets, and lily of the valley, and . . . well. Don’t you just love spring?


2 thoughts on “Fast Grow the Beasties

  1. I think I have the same plant as you. It was a hitch hiker form a gift froma friends garden. I have dried it and used it to smudge, not finding it overly strong…can’t hurt to try. It dries nicely. I just cut it all down in the late summer/early fall. Put it in a vase without water and left it in the basement for a few weeks. Voila’ done.
    Good luck!

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