Back Yard Herbalism: The Long Promised Airy Fairy Post

I made mention before of my plans to make an emotionally expansive “elixir” with dandelions, and at last I’ve done it! But first, some back story.

This elixir is actually for a friend. A while back I was doing a reiki with her in my living room, and received intuitive guidance to make an elixir of dandelion blossoms and carnelian in white wine, to facilitate emotional opening and energy flow. (This sort of thing happens pretty often these days–ever since I got my second reiki attunement just over a year ago.)

Of course this was before dandelion time, so we had to wait, but at last, on Friday, the weather was balmy and sweet, the sun was radiant, and the dandelions looked like this:

Pick us! Pick us!

Time to harvest. So I selected an appropriate basket, and placed my polished carnelian stone in it, along with a tiny piece of azeztulite and a larger chunk of aragonite. I’m not sure why on these two–they just felt right.

It was so warm and delicious I was able to go barefoot (although I did have to tread carefully to avoid stepping on bees).

I knelt in the grass and harvested just enough blossoms for a pint jar–choosing the most exuberant blossoms.

Ever look at a dandelion really close up? It’s pretty incredible.

After choosing my blossoms, I took them inside and put them in my jar with the piece of carnelian and the piece of azeztulite. The aragonite will sit on the lid of the jar–again, going with what feels right (So very unscientific! Shame on me!). I put the jar out in the sun, just for a few hours, so my elixir could soak up more sun energy.

And now it sits out of the light indoors, and I will strain it at the full moon, rebottle it, and give it to my friend. I might mix it with honey, if that seems appropriate, but I’m not sure yet. Something like this is meant to be taken in small amounts over a long period of time, more like a flower essence or a homeopathic remedy. Because it’s in wine, and not a high proof alcohol, she’ll have to keep it refrigerated–I’m not sure how well it would keep otherwise.

Periodically over the next few days I will give my mixture reiki and shake it gently. By the end, if all is well, it will be a highly charged little potion.

I’m often astounded at how profoundly such things can work on the emotions and spirit–and, through them, on the physical body as well. It’s amazing what the earth can provide, what the universe can provide, when we are willing to listen and act on what we hear.

Y’all can call me crazy if you want to . . . I’m used to it.


7 thoughts on “Back Yard Herbalism: The Long Promised Airy Fairy Post

  1. hurray for airy-fairy herbalism!

    that closeup shot of the dandelion blooms is truly amazing, BTW

    what a wonderful thing to for a friend. as well as the healing essence of the plant and the sun’s warming healing energy, this will be packed full of your love and intent.. and every time your friend takes some, she will know that she is supported and someone cares.

    can’t get better medicine than that.

    truly inspiring 🙂

  2. That’s funny that I stumbled upon your post…I just thought a couple days ago about making my own flower and tree essences (and herbally infused wines as well).
    Store bought essences don’t seem to work for me but there are a few plants in my area that I’ve become accustomed to and really like (includind that incredible elder grove that grows on an ancient vortex).
    Since shamanism has brought me closer to spirits and plant spirits in general, maybe now it’s time to work on a more subtle level (I won’t give up my teas though) ;).

  3. I love your site So inspiring I have so far made dandelion oil that I keep putting on my hands They have never felt so soft I cannot wait to try the elixor Thank you so much for all your wonderful thoughts

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