Back Yard Herbalism: Isn’t She Beautiful?

More wise and knowledgeable herbalists than I have worked extensively with Hawthorn for her heart healing and strengthening abilities. Like I said in my last post, I know about these qualities from reading rather than from personal experience.

Today I went out in the heat (and it is HOT, let me tell you) to harvest some Hawthorn leaves and blossoms. I spent some time asking the tree for permission, and guidance. I’m still always amazed at the way the plants guide us in their use, tell us when we may harvest, and how much, and from where. Our Hawthorn, in spite of her large thorns, is a very kind sort of tree, and very generous–but she did ask me to cut the blackberry canes that were coming up around her trunk, so they wouldn’t become a problem later in the summer. It’s interesting, even though I crawled underneath the very thorny tree, to cut more very thorny things, I emerged without a mark on my skin. My clothes never got snagged on the thorns, and neither did my hat. Apparently Hawthorn was being as mindful of me as I was trying to be of her.

Above: the tree with all the white flowers is the Hawthorn. Isn’t she beautiful?

Hawthorne blossoms have the most amazing smell too. It made being  out there in the thorns and heat a sort of dreamy, blissful experience. And while I was out pulling weeds and cutting blackberry canes, and watching for bees while I collected parts of the tree, I became aware of a further way that Hawthorn aids our hearts. She strengthens our heart chakras, our heart energy, with her beauty, and the pleasure of her fragrance in the heat. How often can you say that cutting back blackberry canes in 90 degree heat, with clouds of insects everywhere, was a blissful experience? But it was. In that sweat-dripping, prickly moment I was completely happy and completely at peace. What greater good could my heart ask for?


3 thoughts on “Back Yard Herbalism: Isn’t She Beautiful?

  1. Hawthorn is a wonderful and magical tree….my garden is surrounded by her, along with Elder. How wonderful is that.
    Did you know that Hawthorn blossom turns pink when she is pollenated. Almost a blush. I did a post on that last week.
    Your tree is wonderful, and gave you peace when you spent time with her.
    Lovely post for a lovely tree.

  2. Howling Hill, those are Irises! They’re a wonderful old-fashioned purple variety, I’m going to post pictures of them soon.

    Cheryl, you have Elders and Hawthorns around your garden? How wonderful! I love Elderberry too . . .

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