It’s Hot! Let’s Do Some Flower Watching

It’s been a week since I posted a flower-watching post, so here we go! New things abound, but my favorite opening of the week is the Iris blooming. They’re such tawdry flowers, but so happy and sweet, I love them.

Ever really looked in to an Iris from above? Check it out:

And I thought we’d killed off all the Borage, because none came up last year, so imagine my delighted surprise to find a young Borage plant in the garden this year. Look how pretty!

I’m captivated by the two stars, one green, one blue, that make up the blossom. Such a magical shape. Cheryl mentions on her blog how Hawthorn Flowers blush pink when they’ve been pollinated–borage flowers also turn pink after pollination, only they turn a bright candy pink. I’ve read that bees see blue better than pink, so the pink blossom is Borage’s way of saying “thanks honey, I’ve had enough.”

And the Lupine is blooming!

I’ve loved Lupine since the summer after my freshman year of high school, when I took a trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada with my mom, cousin, and grandparents. There are fields of Lupine flowers there, absolutely beautiful! We currently only have one . . . but it’s very pretty

The Comfrey is huge:

I harvested some of the Comfrey after I took this picture, but I left blossoms for the bees, and there are more coming.

And Holy Motherwort! Here’s the Drama Princess next to the Motherwort plant.

And she’s going to get taller, folks, because she hasn’t bloomed yet. I’m going to make a huge amount of Motherwort tincture this year, because I’ve given all of the tincture I made in 2006 away. And y’all, I can’t be sure yet, but I think I might have an invasion of baby Motherwort plants. Someone may have to help me.


3 thoughts on “It’s Hot! Let’s Do Some Flower Watching

  1. hey greenie!

    garden’s looking good .. borage is one of my favourites, I’ve always loved how it can be blue and lilac and pink, but never realised that the pink was a post-pollination blush!! thank you for sharing this knowledge.. I love learning new things like this 🙂

    that motherwort looks fab. I just started growing motherwort last year and only have a small plant, but love the shape of its leaf and its strong habit.

  2. Beautiful comfrey and borage, two of my absolute favourites. My garden is full of them, I just let them reseed and romp away. They are gems. As you rightly say bees love them because of their bluey colour. Bees love purple and blues.
    I don’t grow the Iris but have read a lot of posts on them this year. I am beginning to see them in a difference light.
    Tks for the mention.

  3. i’d be happy to take some of your motherwort tinctures off your hands if you have too much. i just realized it retracts my monthly claws quickly and totally. from rabid cat to friendly kitten in 20 minutes….LOVE!

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