Backyard Herbalism: Magical Hawthorn

Hawthorn is steeped in magical lore, but the magical aspect I have been working with most recently is that of protection.

I find that herbs often affect the metaphysical realm in the same way they affect the physical realm. We all know that Hawthorn is very protective of the heart in the physical body, and it seems that Hawthorn is also protective energetically/magically/metaphysically/whatever you want to call it.

Friday I made a few protections charms with Hawthorn, thread, and beads. They were very simply made, but I think they are pretty potent:

In magic as in herbs I prefer simple things, charged with a lot of intention. I don’t do “spells” very much; to me it seems like playing with fire. But it feels right to create objects infused with positive energy, so I do it when it seems appropriate. In this case the little hawthorn twigs were sort of shouting at me to  use them this way, and I’m not going to argue with Hawthorn.


4 thoughts on “Backyard Herbalism: Magical Hawthorn

  1. LOL… I’d pause on a pic to remark “oh I love ____” then go to the next one and on down the line. I do love them all, borage and lupine are exceptionally lovely to me

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