Roses Love You

So this post is part in praise of roses, and part vulgar commerce!

Last fall one of the Rose bushes put on these very pretty Rose hips–they were bright orange, and huge. They were extremely hard, obviously not fit for food or medicine, but so lovely. Something told me I should cut them and hang them to dry, so I did.

After I made the Hawthorn charms in May, the now dry Rose Hips called out “love charm! love charm!”, and so I made a couple of love charms for my Etsy shop. The goal for these charms was not, however, to bring a lover in to someone’s life. With rose hips, rose quartz, and amber, the idea was to amplify loving vibrations in the home or in the heart center. The one on the left is meant to hang in the home. The one on the right is to be worn.

A while later, I was meditating, and it came to me in that not quite voices but almost way that I needed to make a series of pieces for myself and others who do healing work, again with the rose hips and rose quartz, but with the addition of azeztulite. 20 seems like the right number to make (yikes!), and I think I will only be selling 5 of them in my shop. I know who some of the recipients are, but not all; as I keep joking to all my friends, I just do what the voices in my head tell me to do! Ha!

So I set about getting the supplies, and I spent some time experimenting, and I’ve made four so far. I think my wire wrapping is slowly improving, but I’ll never be an expert.

The fourth one I just finished today, and it’s the first one where the wire wrapping seems all right on the back as well as the front, so I’ll be listing it in my shop. I only work on them when the inclination strikes, so who knows when the other 16 will appear?

I believe these little charms have energies that benefit those of us who do healing work. Rose (the plant) and rose quartz both resonate strongly with the heart, and with emotional healing. Azeztulite–a form of clear quartz–vibrates with the heavenly realms, you might say. I feel that these pieces help the healer (and there are MANY kinds of healers, aren’t there?) to serve as an intersection between the energies of heaven and earth, to balance and heal the whole being, or the whole earth, or . . . well, I’m sure you get the idea.

I really love the way they feel. They make me happy. I hope they make the recipients happy too!


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