What She Gives to us for Free

I hardly pull any weeds these days. I pretty much only remove thistles (because they hurt), wild morning glory, and sometimes the creeping buttercup (because they will eat the whole property if I don’t).

The more I learn, the more astounded I am by what mother earth just gives to us for free.

I brought some soil home from a friend’s house and sprinkled it over my garden. I was just trying to add some fluff to my hard clay soil (we have to top mulch a LOT to keep it from turning in to something more like concrete than soil). But for ten minutes of shoveling and raking, we got the following bonuses: lambs quarters, redroot pigweed (wild amaranth), chickweed, purslane, and the tiny hot peppery deliciousness of some kind of wild bitter cress. We had the cress before, although it was done being green for the time being. Everything else we’ve never had before. There’s also something very pretty, with tiny white flowers, that I haven’t identified yet, and will have to look in to.

Lamb’s Quarters are good food.

What an amazing gift, soil for my garden, and a host of new food that will require no work from us to maintain. Mother nature gives extravagantly and indiscriminately, if you are able to recognize her gifts. You don’t have to be worthy–you just have to be there.

The hubster next to extravagant Burdock in the neighbor’s yard

But really, this is how I see all of life; no matter how much good, beauty, love, energy, we put in, we will always get more back. We just have to be willing to let go of our expectations, and recognize the gifts that come to us.

So y’all, I have all these new gifts; anybody have any recipes?


4 thoughts on “What She Gives to us for Free

  1. Holy COW! That is some serious Burdock! wow! I use the seed to make tincture for my kidney-stoned inflicted family and friends…

    But you are so right….She gives us so much!

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