Just Another Day in Paradise

Yesterday the hubster and I went to Canon Beach, on the Oregon Coast. I love the Oregon Coast, all the mist and wind, the cool air, the rock formations out from the shore, sometimes topped with twisted little trees. And all sorts of seagulls and crows.

We spent the first bit of our day playing tourist, although we ignored all of the galleries and jewelry stores. We had pizza and ice cream, I dragged the hubster in to a bead store, we looked at silly t-shirts, and of course we went in to the rare and used bookstore where hubster bought me an awesome book on rose species, all pictures and info on hybridization. Now maybe I can identify at least SOME of the more than 40 varieties of roses on our property.

I had to laugh at myself on the way back though. Canon Beach is a very picturesque little town, all cedar shingles and old wood doors and artsy signs, even the bank and the library look like a post card. Lots of interesting little shops, too, and the beach is quite lovely. Haystack Rock is there, pretty well known.

But what did I take pictures of?

Yep, plants. This is a wild rose, obviously, growing among the beach grasses.

We were on a part of the beach where a slow, lazy waterway runs down the sand and meets the  ocean, I’m assuming it’s a small river but not really sure. We walked along the waterway, following a skinny little footpath, with tall grasses tickling our arms and faces. There were all these lovely little birds darting over the water catching bugs and small fish from close to the surface. I wanted to get a picture, but they were fast. I did, however, get a picture of where we walked:

The air smelled faintly of vanilla; I wonder if some of the grasses were sweet grass? But there were so many varieties, I could have spent the whole afternoon just photographing grasses. I decide to stick with flowers, although this one looked like it might be a kind of grass? Not sure:

The manly hand belongs to the hubster, not me!

Then these little guys that look like sweet peas. I did some research last night, and sure enough, they’re beach peas, or sea peas:

The pretty purple flowers

Seed pods turning reddish

And at the point where the trail became impassable (or maybe non-existent), we found this bush with extraordinary flowers.

The young flowers, at the top, just opening–note how they’re yellow and red?

Black/maroon berries are hard to see, but you can see the red, fuzzy back side of the flowers

The bush was taller than us by quite a bit, so maybe it’s really a young tree? I really need to get to work on learning botany, so I can figure out what family things are in, in order to look them up!

Coming back out, I noticed an enormous piece of drifwood washed up in to the tall grasses, with a bush growing out of it, so I had to get a picture of it:

Isn’t it amazing? And as I walked away, I narrowly avoided stepping on this tiny little beauty:

After our exploration we came home with sand in our shoes, and I realized I didn’t pick up a single rock! But that’s okay, I’ll get some next time . . .


5 thoughts on “Just Another Day in Paradise

  1. This is a beautiful photo essay. I also look at the plants at the coast. Did you go to Ecola State Park and admire the woodland areas there?

  2. 1) that looks quite a lot like a raven, and not all that much like a crow. If it was LARGE, it was a raven.
    2) it’s a rugosa rose – Rosa rugosa.
    3) check for Rumex acetosa or acetosella, it’s either or – or a close relative to them.
    4) dunno.
    5) A lovely Lonicera, lemmesee, L. involucrata. Pretty much irresistible, if you have a camera with you. Yellow flowers, very pretty (those look like buds), and black berries in their red coats.
    6) one or the other Cruciferae, there’s LOTS.

  3. Thanks Henriette.

    As for the bird, it was really quite small, even for a crow. The ravens hereabouts are HUGE, and this was nowhere near the right size. Perhaps a young raven? Of course my picture is a bit distorted, too, from zooming in, so I’m not sure.

    Again, thanks so much for the help with identifying!

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