Flower Watching, With Wings!

It’s been a while since we had some flower watching, hasn’t it? We’re getting to the part of the summer where I give up any pretense of pulling weeds, and where there’s so much dust everywhere, and the grass is so dead, that things aren’t quite so pretty and shiny. Still, it’s beautiful here, in it’s overgrown way!

This pink Monarda isn’t the slightest bit bothered by dust.

And I love the way it looks next to this ornamental Hyssop, with the deep dark Doug Fir behind them.

And speaking of Monarda, I tried to catch one of this fellow’s frequent visits:

And you can sort of see him or her, so I guess it’s not too bad. They’re SO fast.

And, have some Mugwort!

Yes, that’s my car behind it, and no the Mugwort is NOT planted in a raised bed. It’s a good two feet taller than my car or better, and just coming in to bloom. You can bed some smudge sticks involving Mugwort are being made, and I think we’ll dry some for some delicious Mugwort Beer (sometimes referred to as Gruit). We brewed some before and it was surprisingly delicious. Sure packed a wallop though! (Says the girl with the world’s lowest alcohol tolerance).

And, speaking of my car, a few days ago I was taking pictures for my shop and this little fellow kept flying in circles around me and swooping at me. I finally stopped, and he landed on the antennae of the volvo and let me take several photos of him. It was almost like he knew I had the camera and wanted to be immortalized in photo. Isn’t he amazing?

He’s tiny, that’s my car antennae he’s perched on. I was so pleased that the detail in his wings came out fairly clear.

And as always, the herbs love the hot weather and sunshine. Here are two kinds of basil, and a little volunteer Motherwort.

The Wood Betony is blooming; this is it’s third year, and it survived in spite of the hubster’s repeated accidental attempts to murder it.

And one of my favorite weeds, Queen Anne’s Lace; stunning.

I hope y’all are enjoying your summer. I know we are.


7 thoughts on “Flower Watching, With Wings!

  1. Hi, been reading your blog a while now. I just really love the way you speak of mugwort. Here where I live, mugworts are considered the worst weeds and they are being destroyed as much as possible. Allergies, you know. A pity really. It’s almost illegal to have them. By the way, did you know that the best modern medicine for malaria are now made from mugwort relative artemisia annua? These pills are much more effective than any of the stuff they’ve used before and causes less side-effects. Hooray for artemisia family!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I forget how stunning the monarda blossoms are until they reappear. This is my second year of growing them and they appear to be settling in nicely. I’m hoping to try Kiva’s recipe of infusing the flowers in honey with evening primrose in a couple of weeks.

    Which mugwort are you growing? Is it vulgaris, as it looks like mine, which also goes mad and grows incredibly tall. Do you add anything to it when you made your smudging wands? Can you describe how you make them. I’ve used it for smudging and recommend it for clearing really difficult negative energy, but I’ve always burnt it on charcoal bricks rather than made a smudge stick. I’d quite like to try that this year.

  3. Hello Sarah,

    I use mugwort alone or with other herbs–I make a LOT of smudge sticks for my shop.

    Basically you gather up the herbs in a sort of log shape while they’re fresh, and wrap them with embroidery floss, then hang them upside down to dry. Usually you have to re-wrap them when they’re dry because they shrink.

  4. Your dragon fly image is amazing. The color is lovely and the detail, wow. I never knew mugwort could be so tall. I guess I always saw it in the wild where it did not get watered (S.Calif), yours is impressive.

    So wonderful to find your blog.
    Not sure if you know about this blog:
    She offers lots of brew recipes, not sure I have seen a mugwort one there.


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