Faerieworlds 2008: Friday Night

So, I was a blogging slacker last week because I was all in a dither about getting myself ready to go to the Faerieworld’s Festival in Eugene, Oregon. I had the most amazing time!

Friday night I picked up my friend Rachel of IndigoLuna, and we headed to Eugene to our friend Kari‘s house.

We were greeted by a very excited four- year old Faerie in purple wings!

We sat on the porch for some henna fun before getting ourselves around and heading out to the festival.

By the time we arrived at the festival I was as giddy as a 5 year old on birthday crack cake.

There was so much to see that I just walked around babbling–“Oh! Look! Wow! Oooooh, she’s so pretty! Can I take your picture? You’re so pretty!” Most people were really gracious and cheerful–smiles everywhere. Amazing music. Delicious smells. Shiny sparkly pretty amazing awesome wow!!!!

A very shapely Satyr

Pretty Vendor Ladies

A Dragon! Steam really came out of it’s mouth too.

Her Wings FLAP when she walks!

They keep dancing when the music stops.

She’s GREEN!

He was very mysterious, but he was very gracious about being photographed.

Does anyone NOT get a picture of Toby Froud in his Satyr suit?

Shi, Rachel, me, and Kari.

We didn’t even sit down until about 9:00, and by the time Woodlands started playing at 10:00, Rachel and I were yawning and shivering. We left fairly early–we had two more days to go!

I’ll be posting pictures from Saturday and Sunday soon!


5 thoughts on “Faerieworlds 2008: Friday Night

  1. wow! the faerieworlds looks amazing!
    why don’t we have those things in Israel?!
    lucky you (:

    how do you do the henna mixture? i can’t seem to find a recipe for it…

    have a nice day!

  2. Oh hey! I know Rachel! We were gonna touch base at the festival and then I got distracted by all the sights and chasing a grandbaby and… pout. Forgot to find her. We’re buddies on a textile art forum and whatnot. So that makes us buddies once removed or something? Hehe. Actually, I think I’ve popped in here before. I’m just so behind on keeping up with reading all my favorite blogs. The green girl is Zoe, she was in our camping crowd. Sweet teen. And I didn’t even get to see Toby in his satyr outfit this year!

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