Faerieworlds 2008: Saturday

Saturday was Bad Faeries Day. We got to Faerieworlds in the afternoon, and it was easier to take everything in. We finished visiting all the vendors, then spent the rest of the afternoon people watching and taking pictures


This little guy moved his head in a most life-like fashion. Little kids weren’t sure what to make of him!

These people were the most coordinated stilt walkers (and dancers) I’ve ever seen!

She’s just amazingly beautiful. And her costume is awesome.

More stilts.

Little faeries!

A delightful belly dancer.

A very beautiful bad faery.

More little faeries, dancing.

And a VERY little faery.

Isn’t she pretty?

Spectacular headgear!

Amazing color, and strategic leaves.

Creepy blue contacts, and a creepy little doll! He must be a REALLY bad faery.

Just wow.

Excuse me sir–you have a dragon on your shoulder.


5 thoughts on “Faerieworlds 2008: Saturday

  1. your vibrant pictures of flowers and fairies have been the delight of my afternoon! thank you for an inspiring journey to enchanted lands… and by the way, i love your commentary on each photo. (;

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