Faerieworlds 2008: Sunday

You know, I normally have a lot of trouble with crowds. I was really surprised at how comfortable I felt at Faerieworlds–maybe I was distracted from my normal jitteriness around large groups of people by all the amazing sights? Or maybe it was just that everyone there was so delighted to be there and having so much fun, that the usual negative energy of crowds wasn’t present? Whatever the reason, I felt at ease in spite of the chaos and exuberance all around me, and I was actually kind of sad when it was over. BUT! Sunday was actually the best people watching day.

This guy was just hanging around outside the gate.

This booth was beautiful, the woman makes amazing Faery furniture, plus she’s super nice. I actually had met her before at a lavender farm during the Oregon Lavender Festival.

I couldn’t decide which of them was cuter.

Sunday was the best dancer watching day too. There were costumed dancers on the stage–they were incredible!

Another really coordinated stilt walker/dancer.

It’s really hard to photograph dancing people . . .

Dancing Unicorn.

She’s so PRETTY!

Body paint and little tiny panties counts as dressed!

Especially when the body paint is made of awesome.

A Raptor, and a rapt faery. Tee hee!

The Designated Smoking Dragonfly.

Tall and Leafy.

These guys got progressively filthier as the weekend wore on . . .

It’s so weird to see people in costume taking pictures of OTHER people in costume . . .

This person did this crazy statue thing. All balanced on these little round “hooves”.

This guy designed and created his costume. He’s a satyr on the shoulders of a troll! Brilliant!!!!!

Cutest. Baby. Ever. No contest. And lookit the little wings!!!!


5 thoughts on “Faerieworlds 2008: Sunday

  1. Au contraire! I think my grandbaby was the cutest fairy baby there. But, I’ll allow that there was a LOT of stiff competition in adorable babies this year. And LOL, it is funny all of us in costume walking around snapping photos of each other, isn’t it.

    Hi, I just googled Faerieworlds and wandered in to see your pics.

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