The NEW! Improved! Chicken Tractor

I never suspected way back when I wrote a post on our chicken tractor that it would get more traffic than any other post on my site. Who knew the world was so crazy about chicken tractors?

Well, we loved our old chicken tractor, but it had its problems. Mostly that it had to be moved with the actual tractor because it was too heavy. Its weight led to its demise, unfortunately; it got stuck in the mud during the winter, and the frame broke!

So, the hubster built a new one, and it is light enough for him to move by hand, but still secure. The chickens are all moved in, and they seem to approve because they didn’t even skip a day of egg laying. So, here are pictures of it; I think it’s also much nicer to look at than the old one.

The new one, like the old one, utilizes salvaged bicycle tires.

There’s a platform for food and water, with a door that opens right behind it, so they’re easy to get to.

The nesting box has plenty of space, but when the doors are closed it’s very secure and dark. The chickens really like it.

And we can shut them in the nest box at night–essential, since we have a lot of hungry raccoons and skunks in our neck of the woods. You can sort of see the edge of the sliding panel next to the super cute chicken.

The hubster is getting pretty good at this chicken tractor building thing. This one he completed with an hour or two here and there after work, and it’s really sturdy. Maybe some day we’ll write up some plans so other people can use them–once we get it perfected.


4 thoughts on “The NEW! Improved! Chicken Tractor

  1. Oooooh, this is amazing!! You should see our sorry excuse for a coop… it’s all crooked and looks like a five year old built it. Hey, we never claimed to be carpenters, lol! But our chickens really like it anyway . I love your tractor, and would love to see plans for it if you ever write them. Some fine chickens you have there.

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