Flower Watching after the Rain

We went camping over the weekend, but it was a most unpleasant experience. So instead of talking about THAT, I give you rainy morning flower watching!

Did you know that Garden Sage has really gorgeous blossoms?

Big purple Asters remind me of little kid drawings

This is called Lemon Mint, but is actually a variety of Monarda

Aren’t Dahlia’s stunning? The color of this one is unbelievable.

The side view is just as amazing as the front, the way the petals are like little tubes.

I love Black-Eyed Susans!


5 thoughts on “Flower Watching after the Rain

  1. I love your flowers. Just gorgeous. I never knew that lemon mint was Monarda! And how did I never notice my garden sage flowers? Thank you for such beautiful photos!

  2. I have sage in my garden – and the spires of purple flowers just look amazing when its in full bloom. Recently on our allotment we have had some borage suddenly spring up – hubby wanted rid of it, but I put a protection order on it! It is just a stunning looking plant. These photos are really good – really lush.

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