Taters, Precioussss!

Squeeee! We have potatoes!!!!

This was just a, “hmmm, I wonder if they’re ready?” dig at the edge of the bed. It produced almost five pounds, and I really only scratched the surface!

I’ve never grown potatoes before. And I am, as you can see, easily thrilled.

September is such a beautiful month. Look at the light! And look at the roses; I think they like it that it’s a little cooler now. I want to hug them, but they poke me when I do that.

And aren’t asters pretty?

Here’s one close up:

Also, I’m not sure what it is about dock, but I’ve always loved the way they look when they go to seed. Seriously, I’m fascinated with them, they feel like the most wonderful kind of magic. Look at the shape and rich brown color!

I think they’re stunning.

It’s so good to be here right now. No place on earth I’d rather be. Isn’t that amazing?


6 thoughts on “Taters, Precioussss!

  1. Wow! Fantastic pictures of everything Greenie! How exciting about the potatoes! I was brand new to gardening this summer and was thrilled to grow a pumpkin patch, maybe next year I’ll try something with a bit more value, like real vegetables 🙂

  2. Wow! Awesome crop there!
    The roses are beautiful and so are the asters. The fields here are full of the little wild blue asters :0) Dock is one of my favorite plants, too! thanks for sharing your garden with us!

  3. Oooh! How cool is that?!

    We plan on adding potatoes next year. We don’t have much more room to add anything to our small yard, but hubby found a big article about growing potatoes and peanuts in buckets, so we are going to try that!

    Congrats on the beautiful potato harvest!

  4. Our potatoes are in old tires, with lots of old horse manure as a base. We are about to dig them up, and I can’t wait!!! Yours look lovely. Congrats on your first crop — it’s such a nice feeling to have potatoes for the winter.

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