Day Three, and Not Divorced Yet

Thanks to the time change, I’m up and wide awake at 6:39 in the morning.

My word count, as of bed time last night, is 15,323. No kids home today, I’m hoping to crank out another 7,000 words today, as a sort of personal challenge.

The hubster has not yet asked for a divorce, possibly because he enjoys the side effects writing erotica has on an impressionable woman.

The stepspawn, however, are probably plotting my demise, as I made them fix dinner last night. Hey, I was on a roll with the smut, and if a thirteen year old and a ten year old can’t make black bean tacos, I’ve failed as a mother anyway. Also, I think it was a mistake to tell The Drama Princess that I’m writing a pirate novel that only grownups can read. She drew me a picture of a female pirate standing atop the mainsail of a pirate ship, wearing naught but a swordbelt and a smile. She explained “Her privates are covered,” but the ta-tas! Good god, has someone been giving the child dirty magazines? This pirate had HUGE . . . . tracts of land! I told her it was a great drawing but really she should stick to age appropriate subjects, so that I don’t get arrested. She giggled, but promised she would. Heaven help us all.

Also, the candy supplies are running low. Send chocolate.


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