Day 8, Delusions of Grandeur

I am having so. Much. Fun.

So much fun, that I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. All these years of doubting and wondering and wishing when I could have been WRITING? WHAT is wrong with me?

Okay actually I know the answer to that question, and it is, I assure you, profoundly boring. If you’re ever having trouble sleeping, I can tell you all about it. It has to do with academia, religion, and an inferiority complex the size of Texas. Or maybe the entire Western half of the U.S., I couldn’t say.

In ANY case, I’m having a blast. My word count is almost to 40,000. Yes, all four of those zeros belong there, I’m only 10,000 words away from the goal. In the first week.

I’ve given a few of the naughty scenes to friends, and they assure me that they are hot. I hope they aren’t just saying that because they’re my friends.

I’ve had lots of offers from people wanting to “proof read”, and I’m thinking about charging them for the privilege.

(That was a joke. Sort of. Unless someone wants to pay, then . . . )

And so, you see, I may be suffering from delusions of grandeur, that the world wants my  Historical Fantasy Lesbian Pirate Erotic novel. I’m sure the inflated balloon of my literary ego will be quickly deflated come December when I actually go back and read what I wrote, and the real work begins!

In the meantime, I’m accepting offers of chocolate and Kahlua, and also bribes from people who want to read the steamy parts.


4 thoughts on “Day 8, Delusions of Grandeur

  1. That’s awesome Michelle! Yay you!

    I so relate to the causes of your previous writer’s block… I had something similar going on right after the intense performance pressure of college and leaving a stifling religion. Took forever to be able to write freely again… geez

    You go girl!

  2. WoW Greenie! Tornado! Have you thought about publishers? I think you should look into ‘Black Lace’. They publish erotica written by women for women. Google them and see what you find. I have their guidelines (but that’s another story) – you can probably get them off their website. Also Greenie – you know irl I’m a copy editor, so if you wanted me to take a shufty through the finished manuscript? (Always good to have it presented as professionally as possible).

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