Day 10, the Green Bar is Mine

When you reach the word goal of 50,000 words, your word count bar goes from blue to green. When you verify your word count, and officially “win” it turns purple, but that can’t happen until after, I believe, November 25.

As of last night, the Green Bar is mine.

My novel, however, is rather far from finished. I think. That is, I know I have a way to go yet, but I’m not sure how much farther, it all depends on what the voices tell me next.

Yes. Cackling. That’s me.

In any case–a win according to the numbers is now guaranteed, but I am NOT a believer in winning by numbers, and won’t rest until I’ve finished. Okay, I really will rest, because I like sleeping and all that, but you get the point . . .

Onward! I wonder, can I make 100,000 words?


5 thoughts on “Day 10, the Green Bar is Mine

  1. congrats, Michelle! That’s a lot of words and more to come…..oh…I’d bribe with chocolate if I knew where to send it!
    Good for you….keep truckin’.

  2. Hang on – is your story finished at 50,000 words? If not carry on; but if it is – STOP! Otherwise you will overstuff it (if you see what I mean?) If you have finished your story, your book is through it’s first stage – Congratulations because 99% of novels never make it this far! Now you will need to go through it again and may be add a bit here, drop a bit there and firm it up, so to speak, snigger(!) This advice comes from attending a creative writers’ class for something like 7 years… And I swear that about 1 in 20 of the people in the class ever actually get to finish their novel. (Yeah – I know the maths doesn’t add up – but you know what I mean).

  3. Not finished! I’d say I’m maybe two thirds of the way to the ending I have charted out. It’s hard to tell exactly–but they have not yet reached their goal, and so it’s not over yet!

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