Day 25–Done?!

nano_08_winner_largeIt hardly seems possible . . . but I think I’m done. Well, done in the sense that the incredibly rough first draft is finished. It’s written.

It has really rough places, sections where I don’t know what something is called so I use the word “thingy”, sections where the dialogue would make you cringe . . . but it’s a rough draft. And it’s all mine.

And it was easier than I expected. How often does that happen?

So. Today I will try to get caught up on the things I’m behind on for my Etsy store, and I think I might even be able to claim my purple bar over on the NaNoWriMo site.

And then? Then . . . then I think I’ll start the editing process because the truth is? I don’t want to be done.


2 thoughts on “Day 25–Done?!

  1. Well done! It took me four years to finish my first novel and I don’t think the second one will be any shorter! I always think the hardest part is the re-editing, trying to make sure every word works to further the writing as a prose. One of my writers group always used to say, “If a word doesn’t add anything to a story, get rid of it” and I’ve been trying to follow her advice ever since, but it’s hard! I ended up removing around 7,000 words from the first manuscript before submitting it for publication and then the editor kept saying “Can you expand this please”! I still cringe when I look at the prose because I’ve moved on, my writing has changed and I’m not that person any more.

    Good luck with your editing. Try reading it aloud – it’s the quickest way to pick up something that doesn’t work.

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