New Endeavors–With Faeries!

I’ve been fascinated by Tarot and other forms of divination since I began learning about neopagan paths about 10 years ago, when I lived in a tiny, dilapidated second story apartment across from a cemetary in New Orleans. But it seemed like no matter what deck I worked with, I just didn’t quite get it.

Then about 4 years ago I purchased a Faeries’ Oracle deck, and I was astounded at the insights I received from the readings I did with it. Since then I hardly ever read with any other deck, and I really enjoy working with the Faeries. I’ve always had a strong attraction to the Fair Folk, and Brian Froud’s art held a powerful significance for me from my childhood, when I got the Faeries book from my elementary school’s library. Maybe that explains why this deck works so well for me. We certainly have plenty of elemental and faery spirits running amok at our homestead–maybe they get in on the fun and help out?


In any case, I love reading with this deck so much, and I’ve been helped and healed so much by my readings with the Faeries, that I want to share that experience with others. So I’ve decided to make readings available in my Etsy shop. If you’re interested you can go check it out.

I’m excited about this new change. This is the time of year when I always start re-evaluating my activities and goals. I think offering readings is just the first in a series of new endeavors for the coming year. Of course I’ll keep y’all posted!

Now, back to the last-minute knitting. Thank heavens we aren’t opening gifts together until Saturday . . .


6 thoughts on “New Endeavors–With Faeries!

  1. Those cards are beautiful. Ive been reading with the Tarot of the Old Path, and I cant even tell you what a repore I feel with them. Well, you probably understand 😉

  2. Oh my! I received my 1st deck on the solstice. It took me 3 days to open them. I read the instructions. I was to touch each card with intent, while invoking my angels, to sit with my deck in nature, in water, or in a place of peace and contemplation. I was to shuffle the deck as I called on my angels and other Divine spirits as I concentrated on my question.

    I read those instructions about 3 times as soon as I broke the seal, and touched the cards I was overtaken.

    My intent was there, but my inner dialog went kind of like this.

    “Geez, these cards are huge! How do people even shuffle…maybe if I hold them this way…wow, they are not bendy at ALL….let me try it this way…oooops…..that’s ok, that’s ok, I read it’s supposed to be good if you drop a few, but if you drop all of them….I don’t think that means anything…wow, they’re clumpy…I’ll never be able to shuff…ooops! 44 cards, this is like reading my horoscope out of the newspaper….for instance: who’s not going to meet a new person today? …i’ve always paid someone to do this, now I know why. this is hard. those people have spiritual talents and can shuffle….i did a half shuffle, does that count?….ok. i got them all. maybe i can just cut them into some significant number…what’s a significant number in my life? i like prime numbers a lot but ….ooops… it’d be so cool if it was prime AND a fibonacci number….5’s good…. 13 is too, but if i try to cut 13 piles….7…8…..ooops, i knew that would happen……..i won’t be able to do this….what do i know?….i know i’m supposed to be thinking about something…did I have lunch? ….oooops… wow, they really are hard to … oh hell…I’m not very good at this…I’ve failed miserably.”

    Then I drew my first three cards for the 1st time in my life to represent my recent past, present and future.

    Out of 44 cards. Only those 3 made perfect sense in that combination on Christmas Eve, 2008. I’m so happy my angels know how my mind works. I think they see through the slurry. They think it works perfectly, makes me think it does, too!

    Let me know if you want to read about the cards I drew. I added it to my online journal. I’d have a blog, but I’m too afraid to publish my life – afraid nobody would ever read it…..same feeling as the 1/2 hr before guests are to arrive for a big party I’m setting up.

    What joy.

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