3 thoughts on “Wherein our Heroine Channels Pollyanna*

  1. Great post, i couldnt have said it better. I did NOT vote for Obama…I did NOT vote for McCain either. I come from a long line of Republicans, and couldnt bring myself to vote for either. I DO however see such a contrast this time, in how many people are actually paying attention. I hope and pray things will get better, its a tough road ahead. I did hear him say yesterday something to the effect that EVERYONE must volunteer and get involved, and I think he is right. Although I didnt vote for him, I see a ray of hope for the first time in a long time, because people are finally sitting up and listening…I think its time for everyone to pull together..maybe time for mandatory volunteering for the kids in highschool…Im being cautiously optimistic about our economy

  2. I have been searching for the right words to say how I feel about politics and the election and you said it all for me. I try never to talk about politics, and when I do, I seems to draw a lot of people who want to fight about it or put me down for my views. But here it is, and you’ve said it very well. Thanks for writing this. I need to link to this post on my own blog. May I?

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