New Moon Reading for January, 2009

Since the New Moon is tomorrow, I thought I would pull a card from my Faeries’ Oracle for the New Moon. Maybe I will make it a tradition? I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, I asked the Faeries, “What would you like to say to the people who read my blog about the time from this new moon to the next?”

The card that (quite literally) jumped out of the deck was Losgunna (card number 39, for those of you who are interested in numbers).

m39 Losgunna the Frog Queen has shown up in almost every reading I’ve done for myself and others since December! She apparently really wants to talk to the world at large right now. Or at least to everyone I know . . .

As you can see, Losgunna has the legs of a frog, as well as having wings and a crown of glowing flowers. Being amphibious AND faerie, she is an expert at moving from element to element, from air to water to earth.

She comes to us to remind us of the importance of exploration and adventure. But, she says, we don’t have to cross oceans or deserts in order to have adventures. Sometimes exploration is about attention; how well do you know your own back  yard? The street you live on? The town you call home?

How well do you know your inner landscape? How well do you know the people you live with, or just live near?

Remember when you were a child, and a puddle in your back yard could be a fascinating miracle? Losgunna is calling for that kind of attention–the kind that gets you down on  your knees in the mud with a magnifying glass, studying tadpoles. The kind of curiosity that gets us talking to our neighbors, walking down our street, taking the back roads home to see a new view of our region.

Another kind of exploration highly recommended by Losgunna is learning. When was the last time you stretched yourself by learning something new?

The overarching message here is to challenge yourself by covering new territory of some kind. If you are feeling stuck in the mud, maybe it’s time for a leap in to new waters. One of the best ways to participate in the evolution of the soul is to take yourself out in the world and see how you respond to what you find there–or to take yourself deep within and discover what resides in the shadows–or to introduce yourself to a new skill, and surprise yourself with the ways you learn and grow. This is also a good way to discover possibilities and creative solutions that we’d never find sitting at home following the usual routines.

In the end, the journey without still ends up giving us greater understanding of what lies within–and it’s always worthwhile.


3 thoughts on “New Moon Reading for January, 2009

  1. Very apt for me right now with my impending adventure! But you are right when you talk about paying attention to what is around you. There’s a quote I read somewhere that goes “You can spend a lifetime climbing mountains, or studying a single pebble from the beach.”

    BTW I love the picture of hawthorn berries at the top of your blog!

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