A New Step

Well, I’m taking a new step in my healing practice.

Yesterday I listed a distance reiki session with what I call an “energy body reading” in my Etsy shop. This is an exciting and scary moment for me. I am so excited to do more energy work with people, and also to share the insights I am given by spirit when I do this work. But of course there is risk in putting myself out there–including the risk of rejection. Nothing like throwing a party and no one shows up . . .

But this just seems like the right step to take right now. When I do energy work, I see images of the energy body and where there are imbalances and holes and blockages. And often my guides give me insight in to ways the client can work with those to return to balance and wholeness. Sometimes it is a stone or plant that he or she could ally with, or a meditation or mantra to repeat. It’s fascinating, the things that can trigger a healing experience for someone!

So I am offering a reiki session along with a detailed PDF file outlining what I “see” in the energy body, and also any intuitive hits I receive from my guides that the client could use to take the healing process in to his or her own hands. Also, I will share the work that I was led to do during the session, if that seems appropriate.

Curious? Contact me or go have a look at the listing! I’m happy to chat about energy work! Just be warned sometimes I get long-winded . . .


One thought on “A New Step

  1. I love your heart charms and I can’t pick just one – I pick two! I like the Peace heart charm because of the monochromatic white – very beautiful. And I like the Red Hot heart charm because I love the colorfulness and the name is a real attraction too!

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