Valentine’s Day Giveaway


The people we are in relationship with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors, reflecting their beliefs. So… relationship is one of the most powerful tools for growth… If we look honestly at our relationships,we can see so much about how we have created them. ~ Shakti Gawain ~

I had so much fun with January’s New Moon Giveaway that I decided to do a giveaway this month too. And what better giveaway than a Love and Relationships Intuitive Faeries’ Oracle Reading for Valentine’s Day?

Keep in mind that you don’t have to have a sweetie for this reading to be applicable to your life. The reading focuses on all forms of love, all kinds of relationships–family, friends, universal love, as well as a partner, so anyone could benefit from some dialogue with the faeries.

The Rules:

Since it IS Valentine’s season, to enter, simply go to my Etsy shop and look around, then leave a comment here on the blog telling me which of the Knittted Heart Love Charms is your favorite, and why (if you can articulate the reason). I will draw a name on Friday, February 13, and send a PDF reading to the winner on Valentine’s Day.

Enter by noon Pacific Time (that’s 3 p.m. Eastern) on Friday February 13.

Please leave some sort of contact info when you comment–a blog or an e-mail address–so that I can send you a message that you won, and ask if you have a particular relationship issue you would like your reading to address.


16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. I think I like the Path of Desire heart best… hearts are usually red and pink and the orange of the Desire heart seems more hearty, more rich and complex, the way love often is.

  2. When I scrolled down the page I squealed at each one, thinking “no THAT one is my fav! no! THAT ONE!” Wow. They are all gorgeous and its so hard to pick a fave. Jungle Love is great because its different but Im going to go with Divine Love because of the colors. Your work is amazing!!

  3. I also love Path of Desire…I swear you sold my fave on me though…sigh…
    Orangey/Copper is one of my favourite colours. And Amber is a great “old” stone.
    To me this heart is the desire put on hold until the right moment comes along.

  4. Love the “Pure Heart” knitted with Moonstone flowers. I thought of purity when I saw it, before I even read the title. Beautiful work!

  5. I Like the Jungle Love Heart Charm b/c its a cute pattern and reminds me of the Steve Miller song.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. They’re all lovely, and I especially like the beaded bits on some of them. But I think my fav is the “I Burn for You” charm. Partly because I think of flames and fire throughout February, but also because I associate love with the tending of the heart’s hearth, if that makes any sense. Regardless, they’re all beautiful! Fantastic work.

  7. I just found you through “a bag of olives blog”,
    The heart I like the best is the Jungle Love heart, the colors and design of the stitches on the front remind me of an explosion of joy and/or ecstasy.
    My husband is getting older and this would be perfect.

  8. I like the heart of peace.
    Primarily because it is soothing, but also because I don’t like pink as a color. As for the others, they don’t suit me as well. 🙂
    (I’m waaay too picky on the colors I like and don’t like! LOL!!)

  9. I left my comment on the wrong post! So here it is again:
    I love your heart charms and I can’t pick just one – I pick two! I like the Peace heart charm because of the monochromatic white – very beautiful. And I like the Red Hot heart charm because I love the colorfulness and the name is a real attraction too!

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