New Moon Reading for February 2009

m52The Rarr rockets about, bouncing off the walls and ceiling, joyfully reveling in wild freedom and formlessness. The Rarr is not naughty or wicked–just very energetic. The Rarr is also not very discriminating, and  enjoys any kind of excitement he can get.

The Rarr is, essentially, a force of unbounded potential. When he shows up in a reading, he indicates that there is a great deal of energy available at this time for us to draw on. We can accomplish a great deal with the energy we are experience.

But the Rarr should also serve as a warning not to get carried away by bouncy enthusiasm. We would benefit, instead, by paying careful attention to where and how we are using our energy and intentions, and to be certain that we are using both of them for the highest good.

The Rarr is NOT grounded–and, as a Faery being, does not need to be! But you and I, as humans, NEED to be grounded, no matter what is going on. So, in this time of tremendous potential and energy, we definitely have what we need to do amazing things.  But we must remember to be attentive, to have clear inentions, and to keep our feet on terra firma no matter how high we soar with our dreams. We will accomplish much better things, and feel much better, if we remember to stay grounded.

Don’t know how to get grounded? Go outside and get your feet on the ground. Or if you can’t get outside yet, stand up straight and tall and feel your feet connected to the floor. Imagine yourself as a strong tree, with roots digging deep down in to the earth. Eat grounding foods like root vegetables and nuts, do activities that get you in your body–and don’t forget to breathe. Find your roots, be steady, and then take advantage of this time of new energy and potential to accomplish wonderful things.


One thought on “New Moon Reading for February 2009

  1. Hello!!! I’m back online!! I know about the need to be grounded all right! I tend to live in my head and so doing a bit of gardening is always good for me – or a walk in the many parks of Christchurch (it’s beautiful here). Hope you are well. xx

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