The Portable Herbalist?

So, I have been busy this week working inside my new herb house/art studio/yoga and meditation outbuilding; which is really a circa 1979 fifth wheel trailer.

This trailer has been through many owners in its life, the last of which was my good friend M., who stayed in it on our property for a while. These photos were taken when she was getting ready to move in, and just starting to do some work on the place.


The photo above is the view from the kitchen in to the bathroom. The bathroom is not functional at all right now, but the kitchen is, except for the oven, and there’s no hot water heater installed. But the fridge works, the sink works, and the range works. So that’s good. Note the lovely faux brick paneling, mostly painted white, but some of the original is visible in the cupboard at the top right of the photo.


Here is the Polly Pocket bathroom. See that little square in the corner? We’re pretty sure the owners before M. intended to put the shower in there. It’s less than two feet square. They must have been really skinny.


Here you see the RV toity. See that little space next to the potty? Yeah, that was  bathtub. It was maybe three feet long? Perhaps it was owned by feral children? I failed to get a photo before we removed the tub. The sink is also miniature, a tiny stainless steel bowl of a sink.


Here is the view in the other direction, with a very helpful Drama Princess vacuuming the lovely grey carpet. Mmmmmmmm, sanitary.

So, M. did a lot while she was here, and the hubster and I helped some. Here is the sleeping nook (which will be my yoga/meditation/dreaming/reading space) after she put primer on the brown paneling:


Already a decided improvement, no? Next we tore out the carpet, because, can you say “unclean”? I thought you could . . .


Yeah. Makes me want to never have carpet in my life ever again.


That’s most of me on the left, and friend M. on the right. The plywood under the carpet is actually in decent shape.

The carpet on the lower level is also gone, but the floor is in bad shape. After I paint, we’ll do something about the floor. Once I finish with the primer, I’ll get some more pictures and post them.

I’m excited about this space. I’m excited about having designated space for my mess-making. I make lots of messes, all of them worthwhile, but that doesn’t matter much when they’re eating the house. The tiny kitchen is just big enough to make tinctures and oils and vinegars and salves, and also cups of tea for myself and my friends when they come to visit. I can store extra infused oils in the fridge, so that we can have the fridge in the house back. There’s a great little pantry cupboard where I can store quarts of tincture, so we can get some cupboard space back in the kitchen. And best of all, all the dried herb bits will now be scattered over a floor that is easily swept and mopped, rather than all over my living room carpet.

And the best part? It’s mine, all mine. It has a door that locks. I don’t have to share it with anyone. I have complete control over this place. If there is broken glass on the floor, if the dustpan is covered in peanut butter and languishing in a pan of dirty water in the sink, if the counter is covered in day old, sticky jam, if dirty towels are on the floor–I will know exactly who did it, and why.

And if we ever leave this land and go somewhere else, I can take my little herb house with me. I’ll be the Portable Herbalist! Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


7 thoughts on “The Portable Herbalist?

  1. Oh! This reminds me of things like this:

    Actually, tinyhouseblog has lots of cool things on it you should check out. I think it would definitely give you some inspiration for this project.

  2. Wow – I think it’s great – a place all to yourself. A little herbal kitchen and writer’s retreat!! We ALL need one of those. You can put your mark on it. I can see its potential – but you must show us what you do with it!!

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