Here’s an Apple that Won’t Get You Thrown Out of Any Gardens

But oh I do covet one. And THAT could get me kicked out of paradise, if my mother is to be believed.

That’s the MacBook Pro 15″. Don’t get me wrong–I ADORE my eMac. I tell it how I love it on a daily basis, and I have no intention of getting rid of it as long as it is working in any capacity. If it weren’t all static-y and likely to shock my lips, I would probably kiss it good night every evening.

And yet I covet the beautiful shiny aluminum MacBook Pro like a Dementor covets the happy memories of tasty teenage wizards. I want it so that I can write anywhere I want. Partly because I am spoiled rotten, but mostly because I have a husband and children who really love YouTube and Disturbed and, most recently, watching Lost on Hulu. BUT! I have this beautiful little 5th wheel trailer on my property that I’ve converted to a creative space. It would be the perfect place to write in peace and quiet when the house echoes with the sounds of stranded drama queens. (I know people loved Lost. But personally? I really hate it. Mind you, I’ve never actually watched an episode. But I’ve heard many episodes, and there’s entirely too much screaming and sinister background music for my tastes. It’s like an auditory assault whenever the hubster watches it. Yuck.)

But this post is not about Lost. This post is about lust, which is much more fun (at least for me). And lust is for sharing, don’t you think? I am putting a picture of the deliciousness of the MacBook on my visioning board, and I’m all ready for the universe to deliver me a Brilliant Plan with which to acquire one–or, you know, for one to just show up on my doorstep one day. Whichever my higher power prefers, because I am flexible that way. And I’m putting a picture on this blog so that you all can help me visualize sitting in my sweet little trailer with my sweet shiny new MacBook Pro.
Also in case someone is sitting around their house saying “What shall I do with all these MacBooks? If only I knew a hard-working young novelist who desperately wanted one!”
It could happen.

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