How I Love Sarah’s Big Idea

Just a quickie post today: Sarah Rees Brennan, the author of The Demon’s Lexicon is doing this awesome thing on her blog. In her words:

My Big Idea is as follows: I put up a short story to celebrate every week sales reach a certain (modest) number, to thank readers for buying hardcover, and as a show of faith that blogs and free content make a difference.

Her latest is up, and it’s delicious! Go check it out.

I loved The Demon’s Lexicon, and will probably review it here at some point even though every one else in the world has reviewed it already. But I’ll probably save the review for a big ole “My Favorite Reads of 2009” post at the end of the year, since I liked it so much.

In the meantime, go check out Sarah’s story, and her blog because she’s funny and charming and writes awesome Harry Potter movie spoofs, and also she gives away free stuff, which shows you that she’s very nice (or at least willing to bribe us to think so, which works for me! See “shallow” in yesterday’s post).


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