Demons and Other Scary Things

So, before I tell y’all about the talk at Barnes and Noble, I have to share with you what might be the most frightening thing you will see this Halloween season:

That, y’all, is a 19-inch-tall tower of ceramic obscenity, known in some perverse circles as a decorative beer stein. Yes, the little house on top comes off, and one could, presumably, quaff several liters of brew from this thing.

The hubster brought it home from a yard sale. The hubster is no longer allowed to attend yard sales without parental wifely supervision.

I mean. Where the hell are we going to put that thing? He mentioned posting it for sale on E-bay. I’m strongly encouraging that idea.

Okay, sorry to do that to you all, but I had to share the horror.

Now, on to more pleasant subjects, like Demon’s and World War I!

Seeing Scott Westerfeld and Sarah Rees Brennan at Barnes and Noble, with writing buddy Laura, was very fun. I made writing buddy Laura laugh at me several times with my silliness, but I think I refrained from humiliating her in public. Although it’s possible she’s just too nice to ever tell me to my face that I humiliated her. I guess the test will be whether or not she ever again agrees to be seen with me in public. The first time she was laughing at me was when we were perusing the Young Adult section because we arrived really early, and I saw Sarah Rees Brennan from a distance and started tugging on Laura’s arm and whispering “That’s Sarah! In the red dress!” and then a few minutes later Scott Westerfeld was standing right behind us, and when we went around the stacks I was all “That was Scott Westerfeld! In the velvety jacket thing! Standing right behind us!!!!”

I may have mentioned once or twice that I’m a dork.

Anyway, Scott talked about Leviathan and mesmerized us with pretty pictures from the novel. I definitely want to read it now–I’m a sucker for pretty pictures. Plus he talked some about the story and it sounds fascinating! Alternate history of World War I! Floating whales! A girl disguised as a boy! Want to read.

And then Sarah talked about The Demon’s Lexicon, and where some of her ideas came from, and the perils of putting people you know in  your books and then TELLING them about it. She made me laugh. She is someone I think I would probably want to hang out with in real life. When we went up to get her autograph we had a goofy discussion about color preferences and theories about what colors inspire (purple for creativity, for example) and she said some other funny things about e-mail exchanges and whatnot, and I don’t think I said anything inappropriate. Perhaps I’m growing as a person?

She seemed surprised when writing buddy Laura and I spotted little booklets containing the first chapter of The Demon’s Covenant and asked for one. (Also, I read the chapter and now I can’t wait for the rest! May 2010 seems so far away . . .)

I didn’t get any photos–I wasn’t sure if I was allowed, actually–but here is a picture of the free stuff I brought home, along with the page Sarah signed. Exciting huh?


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