On the Second Day of NaNo

The hubster brought me tea in bed.

I got to 10,025 words.

I gained a deeper appreciation for the power of the outline.

I ate too much Hippie Dippie Popcorn (with honey, salt, pecans, and coconut flakes).

I made a killer chicken broth and vegetable soup.

And I completed Camille, The White Plot Bunny of the Apocalypse.

All in all, I’d call the day a rousing success. How ’bout you?

To make Hippie Dippie Popcorn:

Pop your popcorn. I do it on top of the stove, with olive oil, but I’m sure air popped popcorn would work.

Drizzle over however much honey you want–I use just enough to make everything stick together.

Add a generous helping of salt–I used really high quality Celtic Sea Salt.

Add a few hands full of chopped pecans

Add a few hands full of unsweetened flaked coconut.

Mix carefully–a wooden spoon is good for this, because it doesn’t crush up the popcorn too much.

Place in a big oven proof bowl or pan, large enough that you can stir without spilling everywhere.

Put in the oven at 200 degrees for one hour. Stir carefully about every 15 minutes.

Enjoy! This is SO, SO delicious! Yum! Although it does tend to all stick together after it cools a bit.


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