On the Fifth Day of NaNo

I passed 22,000 words. (Actually I’m not done for the night, but will be away from the internet soon, so wanted to get this blog entry before that. I’m hoping to get another thousand words or so before calling it a night.)

I posted a very silly dare in the NaNo threads; if you all are NaNoing, perhaps you could try it!

I also posted an excerpt on my profile: click the “novel info” tab to read it.

I did four word sprints on my own, and discovered that I am much more productive in small spurts.

I decided that cross procrastination rocks; not only did I type over 4,000 words already today, but I also cleaned the litter boxes, swept the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom floors, unloaded the dishwasher, did laundry, took a shower, took a walk, knitted on the fourth plot bunny, built a fire, straightened up the living room, played Spider Solitaire, and made more Hippie Dippie Popcorn (for when writing buddy Laura comes over for Word Wars!). And it’s only 7 p.m.  . . .

Also? I bet I sleep really well tonight.


3 thoughts on “On the Fifth Day of NaNo

  1. I checked out your Novel tab. Sounds almost as good as Hippy Dippy Popcorn!You rock on your word count, and I definitely agree. Small spurts are much more productive for me.I started your dare, but only have one name so far. Fell for feel. Ugh. How do you name someone Fell?But I managed….if I feel brave I might post the results of a very hilarioius comment regarding said name. Let's just say your Mad Scientist would get a kick out of it!

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