On the Sixth Day of NaNo

I started losing track of which day of NaNo it is.

I did a bunch of word wars with friends; I think I am developing an addiction.

I volunteered at the library, where my story was swirling around in my head while I alphabetized. I hope I put everything in the right place.

I passed 32,000 words.

I spent WAY too much time stalking people in the NaNo forums and on facebook.

I ate too many tortilla chips with home made salsa.

This is the point in the process at which things start to get really surreal for me. It happened last year a few days in as well–the story becomes hyper-real, and day to day life becomes bizarre, and it gets harder and harder to have a coherent conversation about anything but writing.

And I should start to wonder if this is somehow really unhealthy, but I am still eating reasonably well, bathing regularly, and sleeping at night, and my family is still speaking to me, so I figure I haven’t gone too far over the edge yet.

That happens next week.

I’m mostly kidding . . .


One thought on “On the Sixth Day of NaNo

  1. Ditto on the conversations outside of writing. My brain thinks in words that DH doesn't understand. When NaNo is over, we should give our collective spouses an award for putting up with our absurd behaviors!

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