On the Eleventh Day of NaNo

I passed 68,000 words.

I realized that I am really not enjoying Blogger at all. I decided to go with it because I thought using the Amazon Associates program thing would work better, but I’m finding that I hate blogger. Every time I want to put a picture in my post, I end up swearing. Actually, every time I write a post at all, I end up swearing. So I think when November is over, and NaNoWriMo is all wrapped up, I’m going to go back to WordPress. Even though they didn’t have the name I want. I haven’t yet decided if I will go back to my old blog–which I never deleted, just left a message saying I’m on hold–or if I will start a new one. Either way, I am going back to WordPress. They are nicer to my Mac, and they make formatting photos way easier.

I was attacked by some pretty huge plot bunnies, probably because I have slacked in my plot bunny knitting. I am writing down the ideas and setting them aside; I want to wait a few days and see if they still seem like a good idea before I incorporate them in to the story, or even discuss them with the writing buddies.

I began struggling with my big, climactic, all-holds-barred confrontation scene. Part of it is the fact that I hate for my character to make a bad decision–even though I know that if she makes all the right decisions, we don’t get the big climactic all holds barred confrontation scene at all. Part of it is that every sentence sounds like a line from the most cliche cheesy action film ever. Part of it is that I just don’t have a good grasp of what actually happens. I have only the vaguest idea. I had everything else mapped out in pretty sharp detail, but this pivotal scene? Nope. I know how the scene ends. That’s about it. That’s what I get for being smug about having this great outline . . . I’m just going to write it out, and then write it out another way, and another way, until it feels right. At least I’ll have a huge word count, right? Right.

And now, my eyes are glazing over from too long at the computer, and there is no one home to wash up the dishes except for me. So off I go to clean the kitchen, and then I’ll reward myself with reading. Sweet dreams.


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