On the Twelfth Day of NaNo (A Stream of Consciousness Ramble)

I made it to 75,000 words. This is 3/4 of the way to the goal I set myself, and we’re not quite two weeks in. I’m almost freaking out because I’m afraid I’ll be finished TOO early. And where’s the fun in that? And I suppose I could start writing the second book of the trilogy, but I don’t have a very solid plan/outline for that one. I know, I know, this is not something to complain about. I’m not complaining, I promise . . . I’m just pondering. Do I just stop? Do I launch in to book two flying by the seat of my pants? I think I proved to myself last year that pantsing it might be fun, but does not produce a manuscript that is worth editing.

Remember the plot bunny trouble I talked about yesterday? Well, I started working on the knitted plot bunny again, and–Eureka! Plot problem promptly solved, in a manner which pleases me very much. So now I am officially superstitions about the plot bunny knitting. I have not finished knitting the Red Plot Bunny of the Apocalypse yet; when I do I’ll post pictures. But probably not here.

One of my main characters surprised me with her awesomeness in a tight situation. I love her more than ever. Hooray for badass girls. If I can not be one, at least my character can. What’s funny is that she does her share of pining–impossible love can do that to a girl–but she still takes care of business. Even when she’s not sure what she’s doing. That is a quality I admire and am trying to cultivate in myself. Maybe she will give me some tips.

And speaking of pining, there are two very interesting posts on the subject floating around the blogosphere this week that I quite enjoyed reading. On is a review of Shiver, which I haven’t read yet, but am mildly curious about. I read Stievfater’s Lament, and . . . it didn’t do it for me. But I am still curious about Shiver. Even after reading this review by The Rejectionist, which talks about all these YA fantasy novels out these days with really pathetic female main characters. The other is by Diana Peterfreund, who knows all about badass girls. This post, I totally identify with, and it seems particularly relevent right now, given the events in my NaNovel. And while neither post may be relevant for you, you might like to read them anyway.

I practiced some very artful procrastination today, in the form of cleaning my living room ceiling fans and washing my shower curtain.

I went outside and took pictures of pretty things today. But since Blogger handles photos about as gracefully as a zombie handles greased brains, I won’t be posting any more photos here. No, I’m not bitter, not at all! HA! I will post them at my other blog, once I get it reorganized to my satisfaction.


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