On the Fourteenth Day of NaNo

I have written NOTHING today. Nada. Zip. Zilch. But it’s early yet–I think I will try to log some words before bed.

I signed up for Twitter. What is cool about Twitter is that I set it up so that my posts there update my Facebook page. So if you are my Facebook friend, Twitter would be redundant. But if you are NOT my Facebook friend, and still want to stalk me keep up with whatever it is that I’m currently babbling about, you can come see me on Twitter. The name is consistent with the WordPress blog that I am returning to at a date which has not yet been determined. I feel like maybe I OUGHT to finish out November at this blog, so all the NaNo posts line up in a neat little row. But I’m not very good with ought and should, and once I make up my  mind about something I tend to jump fast, so I’m not sure I can hold out. I have been playing with the blog theme and colors. It coordinates with my Twitter page, sort of. Because I am a dork.

I had to run all over creation today, because the hubster’s vehicle is out of commission. At one point I needed to kill some time, because I didn’t want to come all the way home and then go back out to pick him up from work. So I went to the Hillsboro Public Library’s main branch, and holy yuppies with a library card batman! It’s huge. It’s fancy. It’s crowded. There’s a coffee shop in the library, and they need SIGNS to tell you how to get around. It was like the mall. I felt like it wasn’t okay to just walk up and use the computer. Surely nothing in such a place could be FREE? Also there were so many people, I am not normally weird about germs, but before I left I went in the bathroom and washed my hands and then refused to touch anything until I was back in my car. Strange. I love my small, shabby, quiet little library, thank you very much. Also people, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY TURN OFF YOUR FREAKIN’ CELL PHONES WHEN YOU’RE IN THE LIBRARY. Seriously. Some guy had his cell set on that intercom/walky talky setting with the loud beeping and the unintelligible megaphone voice coming out of the speaker and he was walking around talking and beeping and blaring with complete abandon. Public place. Books. People reading. Please to shut the f*** up. Thank you.

Wow, I haven’t ranted like that in a while. It was actually kind of fun–maybe I should do it more often.

And now, I really do need to get some writing done of the novel variety.


One thought on “On the Fourteenth Day of NaNo

  1. Libraries – oh yeah, I love 'em! While on vacation, I noticed that my hometown has a brand new one, but didn't get a chance to investigate. An adventure awaits me when I go home in May!Rant on! I'm totally with you on that. I'm a non-cell phone user, so people who wear their umbilical cord attached to their ear or blare their private calls out to the public have no sympathy from me.

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