Dear WordPress Blog,

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with you. It was just that I felt like I no longer had anything to say to you. My purpose had changed. I thought it was time to move on, time to take my new priorities to a new blog, one with no memories of my old priorities. One that hadn’t already heard the story of how I fell in the lake on the first day of Girl Scout Camp and cried and had to change my clothes, or the time when I was 5 or 6 and got lost in Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland and cried and had to be helped by a nice store employee.

So I found a new blog, and at first it seemed like everything was a happy dream, the way it always is in the beginning. A fresh start, learning each others’ secrets, everything new and shiny and exciting.

And when the new blog didn’t pick up its dirty underwear put the pictures where I wanted them as well as you did, well, I thought maybe it was just that I needed to ask more nicely.

Then, when the new blog didn’t turn the toilet paper roll the right way line up text next to the pictures the way I wanted, I thought maybe I was just being too picky, expecting too much. Or maybe I was, heaven help me, turning in to my mother after all.

When the new blog started squeezing the tooth paste tube from the middle putting in extra spaces after my links, I thought perhaps it was just a matter of learning to communicate better with the new blog; that if I explained to it how much that extra space really made me crazy, that maybe it would come round and make an effort.

But dear WordPress blog, I was wrong. After a few short months at that other blog, I realized that the other blog will never meet my needs. It doesn’t listen to me like you do. It doesn’t ever remember how I like my tea, it never gives me backrubs before bed, and it keeps stealing my favorites slippers. I realize now that everything I was looking for, everything I need, is right here with you. Can you ever forgive me? Will you let me come home? I will remember, from now on, how well we fit together, how easy you are to live with, how much I love you. And I won’t go wandering again, if only you will take me back.

Yours always,


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