On the Sixteenth Day of NaNo

I passed 85,000 words! Only 15,000 to make it to my goal of 100,000. I can, of course, write more, if that’s necessary. Of course, a lot of the words I’ve written I already know will have to go–scenes written, and then I thought of a better way to write them. But have I deleted them? NO WAY!  Crap counts. And you do not delete during NaNo. I’m going to Writing Buddy Laura’s house tonight, so hopefully there will be word wars, which will hopefully lead to a slightly higher word count.

Sonja. Like Red Sonja, Minus the Leather Bikini

I finished the final plot bunny! Meet Sonja, the Red Plot Bunny of the Apocalypse. And can I just say how good it felt to do that? I inserted that picture in to this post and didn’t swear ONCE. I love you WordPress!!!!

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that minutes after I finished Sonja, I had an IM conversation with Writing Buddy Laura that resulted in a much better final climactic scene than I had plotted out before. The Knitted Plot Bunnies, it seems, appease the literary plot bunnies, causing them to smile upon me. Which means, of course, that I will have to knit more. The Drama Princess wants one, my writing buddies all want one . . .  so, it seems I am safe from the bad variety of plot bunniesfor a while.

Also, there are some new bloggy things to tell you about.

First, I am still in the process of remodeling my sidebar to include all the links I love. It’s an ongoing process! So if by some chance you  keep track of my links–not sure why you would, but in case you do . . . they’ll all get up there eventually.

Second, if you look to the right of this post, under the “search” box, you will see an “e-mail subscription” option. That’s right, for ease of stalking, you can get an e-mail whenever the blog is updated. I have tested it on myself (no animal testing at this blog, thank you very much), and the e-mail shows up pretty immediately once I publish the post.

Third,  speaking of stalking, I’ve made it ridiculously easy; my Twitter tweets are on the sidebar as well. So you can just hang out at my blog all day and feel like you’re hanging out with me! Except if you were really hanging out with me, I would make you tea. On the other hand, you would be forced to listen to my Iron and Wine playlist over and over again, so you might be relieved that you’re not actually hanging out with me. Unless you like Iron and Wine as much as I do.

And finally, since putting in that picture felt so good, I think I’ll do another one, just because I can:

And Plot Bunnies All in a Row

2 thoughts on “On the Sixteenth Day of NaNo

  1. Wow – you are prolific – on the writing front AND knitting! All those bunnies! (Or are they multiplying like .. er.. bunnies behind your back!?)

    I would just love to hang out with you (especially the tea part) but I dare not join the twittering community. I am such a chatterbox I’d be on it all day – and nothing would get done in the ‘real world’!!

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