On the Twentieth Day of NaNo (and a Review of New Moon)

It’s 2 p.m. and I have written NOTHING! I might write some after my shift at the library is over, though, since the friends we were having over cancelled on us.

But y’all, I went to see the New Moon movie and I gotta say . . . I lurved it!

Now, I know feelings about the whole Twilight behemoth run high in both directions–seems like people either love the books or despise them. But I freely confess that I loved the books, and I even loved the Twilight movie. I can’t really justify my love . . . no wait, that’s not true. I’m not even interested in justifying my love. I am happy to be a total dork all alone sitting in bed drinking hot cocoa and reading Twilight.

So, let’s just say that if you hate Twilight, you will ignore the rest of this post, m’kay? And if you love it, and are thinking of seeing the movie, read on.

So, I did love the Twilight movie, as I said–but I don’t think my love was due to any merit on the movie’s part, to be honest. Actually I know it was sort of awful, and I loved it anyway. Maybe I have not matured since I was 16?

I might, however,  have loved New Moon even if I hadn’t already read the books. I really, really enjoyed it a lot.

My only criticism is I thought the wolves were sort of lame. That is, they looked sooooooooo fake. They would have been awesome if this had been an animated flick, but . . . it wasn’t. And their fakey-ness was sort of jarring.

But other than that, I was delighted. The dialogue and makeup were vastly superior to the first movie. I think the right things got cut, and the right things stayed in. Honestly, I think the pacing of the movie was maybe a little better than the pacing in the book. I loved the book, but there were a few times when I was like, come ON Stephenie, get to the Edward already! The movie, being only two hours long, didn’t have that effect on me. Actually I remember thinking, at the part where Bella get’s ready to go cliff diving, I was thinking “No! We can’t be here yet! I don’t want it to be almost over!” I thought it was delicious.

Also? My absurd school girl crush on Robert Pattinson remains true, in spite of my admiration for Taylor Lautner’s muscles. Team Edward, all the way . . .

Mock if you will.


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