On the Twenty-Second Day of NaNo

I felt that weird, set-adrift feeling I get when I’ve finished a big project (or, in this case, a big phase of a project). I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. I went for a walk (with a whining, protesting hubster). I spent a lot of time browsing the forums on Ravelry. I read blogs. I listened to music on YouTube. And I hid in my room from the Drama Princess and her friends from up the road. For much of the day I felt like the Grinch in that scene where he thinks about the Whos on Christmas morning  . . . “All the noise, noise, noise noise!” I kind of sympathize with him. (Except for the being mean to his dog part. That’s uncool no matter how loud your neighbors–or kids–are.)

I’m so glad tomorrow is Monday, and there’s SCHOOL.


One thought on “On the Twenty-Second Day of NaNo

  1. That feeling comes for me when school is out, or, like you, when some all consuming project is done. I feel as though I am being shot out of a cannon underwater – sort of phoom! and float. And it is disconcerting!

    As for hiding from teen girls, been there, done that. Once found my dining room coated in white flour after doing that.

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