On the Twenty-Third Day of NaNo: Or, I Smell Chocolate Covered Crack

I had another short attention span day. This means I accomplished almost nothing.

I acquired a new addiction; the forums on Ravelry. Dudes, there are KNITTERS talking about URBAN FANTASY NOVELS. There are people showing off projects inspired by their favorite fantasy novels; addictions within addictions, like chocolate covered crack. For example? Oh I’m so glad you asked. How about Bella’s Mittens? I am knitting these as soon as I decide on a yarn. Yum. Also lots of Harry Potter knits. This makes me want to create projects based on my favorite books. I wonder what I could knit from The Mortal Instruments trilogy? Better not get too carried away though, I have friends who desire plot bunnies. Have y’all knitted anything inspired by your favorite novels? I want to see! I’m SUCH a knitting voyeur, knitter’s do the most brilliant things!

I also worked a little more on my own patterns for the plot bunnies and the drawstring pouch recipe. A  very little more.

I knitted a little bit on my Chrysocolla scarf, which was meant to be my NaNo knitting project but took second place to the plot bunnies. It looks all wobbly right now, inevitable when one of the yarns is drastically thick and thin; I think blocking will help. (Random aside: You know how there’s that site for car disasters called That Will Buff Out? Is there a knitting one called “It Just Needs to be Blocked”? If not, there should be.)

I wrestled with the plot of book two; there are a few points that are ESSENTIAL that I am having trouble figuring out. Hence all the knitting and haunting of on line forums. When I’m trying to shake plot details loose, I do weird obsessive things. You know I’m getting really desperate when I start cleaning the bathtub with baking soda and a toothbrush. I’m not that desperate yet. I hope not to get there any time soon.

I read several chapters of Rosemary and Rue; I’ve heard the book praised highly, but so far I am not in love with it, and I’m approaching the halfway point. Maybe that will change? There must be some reason everyone seems to love it so much. I’ll keep y’all posted.

I went for a walk, sans whining hubster, and was captivated by the holly tree at the end of the road (or rather, the point where the road turns in to a private driveway where I may not enter): I keep meaning to take my camera to get a picture of the gorgeous red berries and glossy dark green leaves. So pretty.

And later I get to go to Writing Buddy Laura’s house, where we will brainstorm, and I will be her NaNo cheerleader since she is not yet finished with her NaNovel. That is always fun!

Although I accomplished next to nothing, it was a relaxing day.

For those of you still in the NaNo trenches–you can do it! I am sending you finish-the-novel-on-time vibes. Go! Write! Win!


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