In Praise of Laziness

I’m a lazy gardener. I’m not so great about pulling weeds regularly, and I tend to wait a long time to cut back dead things. But laziness is only part of the reason that I don’t weed and prune like I should. Here’s another reason:

Asters Gone to Seed

I’m totally fascinated by the “gone to seed” stage of plants–including the weeds. Sure, from a distance dead plants just look like . . . well, dead plants. But some of the most fascinating things happen when the seeds appear.

A Hybrid Hyssop

Also, I really like all those shades of brown. And the shapes! Seed pods are amazing y’all.

Pink Bee Balm (Monarda) with Frost

Add frost to the mix and you’ve got some crazy cool stuff to look at.

Lemon Mint (Another Monarda)

As a kid I was always driving my mom crazy bringing dried up brown bits of weeds in to the house. But for some reason I find this stuff fascinating. Teasel is totally cool after it dies.


Yellow dock? Awesome.

Yellow Dock Seeds

And the wild birds love my garden; I like going outside and seeing hundreds of little birds fly up in to the walnut tree, waiting patiently for me to get out of their garden so they can get back to eating all those seeds. I guess being lazy has a good side, right?


3 thoughts on “In Praise of Laziness

  1. Gorgeous photos! We probably need to come up with a different word other than LAZY….I’m thinkin’ along the lines of “Waitful”…..

    Overly manicured gardens = missed photo opps!

  2. I think you’re right! Perhaps, “Relaxed” would work, or perhaps we are gardeners who let nature have her way, or . . . there must be a more flattering way to phrase it. Something that makes it sound intentional rather than haphazard. LOL!

  3. Ooooh, how about natural?

    I am too. I weed the heck out of my flower beds during the season and cut back to get a longer bloom season, but once the chill sets in, I’m all about leaving it NATURAL. Like you, I think there is something magical about the mounds of plants poking through the snow or that random seed pod encased in ice.

    You pics are gorgeous and make me want to take a photography class.

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