What Do You Mean By “Best”, Exactly?

So, because I know how you all rely on my opinions to decide what to read, I’m working on some “Best of 2009” posts.

But I have this dilemma.

I have mentioned before that I am shallow. What makes me happy in a book is not always related to its scintillating prose or it’s provocative, though provoking premise. I read mostly for emotional tone, I like happy endings, I’m pretty focused on fantasy fiction, and I’m not a big fan of most literary things.

So the dilemma is: do I list my favorites of 2009 in order of my personal enjoyment, or in order of my opinion of the quality of the prose, etc.? Or should I just list them in random order, as they occur to me? I love a good count down, but I suppose I could do without one . . .

I am undecided, so I thought . . . why not do a poll? That way you, citizens of the blogosphere, get to CHOOSE. Isn’t that democratic of me?

So what do you think?


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